Three talks

This is an unsolicited guest post from Dave Tierney’s son, Sean Tierney. 

I’m eleven months into a year-long trip around the world working abroad across Europe, Africa and Latin America. I flew home the other week from Lima, Peru to attend an awards ceremony for my Dad. He recently received the Valley Leadership Man of the Year award for his service to a number of organizations and his work on various civil rights issues. He talked about some important stuff and I’ve now had the privilege of seeing him receive a handful of these awards (previously the Hon Kachina Volunteer Award the Judge Learned Hand Award).

My Dad works tirelessly behind the scenes via a number of volunteer organizations. He has some incredible stories and wisdom I’m hoping he’ll share here. He rarely speaks publicly but when he does it’s always on an important topic confronting society. His talks are direct but not preachy and he’s always good about giving actionable and realistic suggestions for what the average person can do to help the cause.

Below are three of his talks I’ve captured on video (2 acceptance speeches and one talk for the Harvard Club).

If you enjoy hearing what my Dad has to say, take a sec and chime in via a comment below and encourage him to get back on his blogging horse 😉

Valley Leadership Man of the Year Award acceptance speech on 3/20/17
Discussion of prison reform in Arizona

Justice Learned Hand Award acceptance speech on 3/8/11
Discussion of immigration issues in Arizona

Talk on civil rights issues for the Phoenix Ivy Club 11/15/13
Stories from his work in Mississippi back in the 60’s around voter education efforts

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  2. […] to see my Dad win a prestigious award in Phoenix and to have home-cooked meals while […]

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